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Christmas in July

Whether you celebrate Christmas in July to escape the heat of summer, are missing Mariah Carey on the radio, or just want to get into the Christmas spirit a few months early, we have the perfect desserts for you. Christmas is the time for holiday treats that taste and look great!

Our classic s'mores cookie with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate, and a marshmallow glaze are turned up a notch with our summer snowman, or what's left of them that is...

You can't go wrong with a cutout cookie. We love decorating cookies as a family for the holiday, with Christmas movies playing in the background. Although not ALL of our family's cookies turn out looking this good, we have great memories all together. These cookies bring the vacation to the holidays with our hot suns, sunglass Santas and hula ginger bread people.

Anise is a traditional holiday flavor, sweet and almost licorice. Our Mango Anise Cookies puts the fresh fruit flavor into these winter cookies. The perfect combination of savory and sweet, makes for a perfect summer treat.

Similar to a Swiss roll, the Yule log cake is made of a soft sponge cake and was known as Bûche de Noël. The cake is shaped, decorated and frosted to resemble the Yule log from the original tradition of burning the log for Christmas. We are bringing the summer flavors with a lemon poppyseed sponge and mascarpone icing.

So if you are like us and in Buffalo and want a break from the white Christmases covered in snow, show us your summer holiday spirt!

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